Focussing on: Thermoglass


Aluluxe is proud to be associated with Thermoglass – and Leon Dann in particular. This week our focus is on them and their exceptional service!

Thermoglass (Pty) Ltd. is a trading and engineering company which manufactures all kinds of glazing products mainly specializing in double glazing.

Double glazing products are manufactured not only according to South African standards but also in compliance to strict high quality European standards. We are a member of SAGGA (South African Glass and Glazing Association).

Regarding double glazing, Thermoglass Ltd has an experience of more than 30 years of works in Europe. In our South Africa premises (Northriding), we have the capacity and knowledge to provide our customers every type of glass from single glazing to advanced specialized products like sound reducing glass, safety laminated glass, gas filled Insulating double glass & customized glass applications. We have the experience to supply high quality bulletproof glass for shop-fronts, an experience grown after having installed the majority (about 70%) of the commercial Bank Shop fronts in Greece.

High quality products like energy efficient double glazing, bulletproof and anti-bandit glazing, are accompanied by the European certificates C.E which describe the manufacturing procedure and the technical specs of the products. Our suppliers of raw materials are the leading South African companies involved in the glass industry. Some of our and our suppliers’ CE certificates are:

CE EN 572-9 for float glass
CE EN 14449 for multilayer (laminated)
CE EN 1279-2 for air & gas filled insulating double glass units
CE EN 1063 for bulletproof glazing
CE EN 356 for anti-bandit

Apart from being well known for the commitment on delivering high quality products on time, Thermoglass Ltd. is also known for applying new pioneering technologies & trying to be the leaders in the glass industry.

Nothing is more important for us than the customer. No matter the scale of the project, Thermoglass is committed to deliver the best quality products on time. Our long lasting and ongoing relationship with our customers works both ways, meaning that a satisfied customer makes us feel satisfied. Discussing with our clients and delivering our products according to their needs is the secret of the reputation that has been following us for more than 30 years.

For Thermoglass this is the motivation that keeps us going and justifies our satisfied customers through all these years

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